Call Centre Systems

Enhance the efficiency of your Contact Centre and give your agents the tools to bring your customers closer.

Respond to customers faster and easier, no matter how they contact you. Whether you have a simple phone support help desk or a sophisticated multi-channel call center, your agents will have what they need to be more helpful, more efficient and more motivated.

Leveraging Zeacom's Multi-Channel Contact Centre, our solution works on leading phone handsets and systems from NEC, Cisco, Microsoft, and Avaya. Beginning with the foundation module, you can add extras as your needs and budget dictate.

Additional functionality includes:

  • Multi-channel interaction
  • Voice interaction
  • Outbound contact
  • Business intelligence


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Tightening budgets

  • Contact center managers are continually expected to achieve more with less money and fewer agents.

Increased agent productivity

  • Not only are agents able to answer more calls in less time, but they also have the information and functionality they need to retain existing customers, source new customers and increase sales revenue.

Attrition and absenteeism

  • Along with staff absences, a high level of attrition results in reduced quality of service, increased costs, creates a negative customer experience and places huge stress on the remaining agents.

More engaged agents

  • By increasing the variety of work and matching it to your agents abilities, a Multimedia Contact Centre solution makes their job more enjoyable. It also makes your agents more efficient.

Under and over resourcing

  • Managers find it hard to resource their contact centers efficiently because they lack reliable information about demand. Thinly-spread resources can leave your contact center high and dry during peak call times.

Better resource management

  • Intelligent routing of contacts lets you optimize the agents you have. Comprehensive reporting makes it easier to predict when you’ll need more agents or if you can send the overflow to staff in other departments during peak times. You can also get more out of your existing agents by using automation to reduce handling time or offload routine inquiries.

Poor first-call resolution

  • Every call transfer has a negative impact on customer satisfaction because it wastes time and increases frustration. And of course, your agents’ time is being wasted too, putting further pressure on resources.

Right person first time

  • Dramatically increase first call resolution by automatically routing to the last called agent, to the most skilled agent or to another department for handling.

High call abandonment rates

  • A shortage of agents can lead to long queues of frustrated customers and high call abandonment rates. High abandonment rates can also inflate future call volumes, creating a vicious cycle.

Customers spend less time waiting

  • During peak times, customers can be given the option of leaving a callback request or you can engage them with recorded music, news, and messages. Offering customized announcements encourages callers to wait up to 35% longer.

Under-performing agents

  • Managing staff that isn’t performing well is always a challenge. Your business can’t afford to carry under-achievers, but how do you pinpoint who isn’t performing and in what areas?

Information to succeed

  • Our Contact Centre solution encourages self-monitoring and healthy competitiveness between agents by providing them with easy access to the real-time queue, agent and team statistics. Managers can use a combination of real-time and historical data to monitor performance so that issues can be quickly identified and addressed before they impact on customer satisfaction.

New communication channels

  • If your call center isn’t equipped to efficiently manage email, chat, SMS and social media, your business is missing out on valuable opportunities.

Unify all your communications

  • Your agents can receive and respond to every contact using a single interface, regardless of media type. Faxes, emails, SMS messages, chats, social media and requests generated from the web are treated with the same care as phone calls, allowing your contact center to deliver a consistently high level of service.