Security Consulting

Security challenges are rapidly changing due to mobile work forces, converging technology, industry compliance, and the cloud. 

Companies that fail to address security issues risk impacting productivity, brand, business relationships, and trust. But knowing exactly how vulnerable your ICT systems are can be tricky. That’s where our consulting services help. Our specialists assess the vulnerability of your environment. Then, depending on your needs, they recommend the appropriate strategy, security architecture and an overall solution for your environment.

Our range of Security Consulting Services include:

Vulnerability Assessments

  • A vulnerability assessment is a regular process of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system, an application or a network component, often as a means of demonstrating security compliance. For example, quarterly vulnerability assessments are a requirement for obtaining and maintaining PCI DSS Compliance certification by companies accepting credit and debit payments. 

Penetration Testing

  • Penetration testing is a systematic method of regularly evaluating the security of a computer system or networks by simulating an attack or intrusion from a malicious source to ultimately take recommended corrective action and evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures. 

PCI Compliance

  • PCI DSS must be implemented by all entities that process, store or transmit credit cardholder data. This must be done in order to maintain, safe harbor and avoid potential liability in the event of fraud associated with left of cardholder data.