Connect your sites and people

By keeping everyone connected and your data secure you can communicate more effectively and work with greater agility.

5 ways our networking solutions can work for you.

Wherever your people are located, you can effortlessly connect them with fast and secure remote access. Our Private IP networking solution creates your own

Virtual Private Network (VPN), so you can securely:

  • Share common applications and files to collaborate online.
  • Give employees complete connectivity when working from home or visiting clients.
  • Provide network support and access to the internet according to centrally defined security policies.
  • Create a secure Wi-Fi network just for you and your guests, all centrally managed through the Cloud.
  • Set your access policies and allow multiple users and devices to connect securely to the network.
  • Segment your wireless users and applications so you control exactly who uses what from where.
  • Gain new revenue sources by sending guests tailored messages.
  • A secure private network gives your business room to innovate and create a platform for collaboration.
  • Integrate telephone, video conferencing, email, instant messaging and desktop sharing with collaboration systems that enable voice and data convergence
  • Achieve high definition and stable video conferencing with optimal voice and video quality 24x7 over a secured network when delivered with our network services.

To achieve a fast and reliable network that can handle ever-growing demands, you need a business grade internet that gives you exceptional performance. Our networks:

  • Scale up or down according to your needs.
  • Have 24/7 support and monitoring ensuring minimal downtime.
  • Are delivering high volumes of data and multimedia content with speed and efficiency.
  • Are created using a choice of access technology that gives you flexibility and redundancy.

We know how important your data network is to your business. That's why we give you a choice of add-ons that make your data network unique and enhance your overall security.

  • IT Security – Our security products such as DDoS Defender, Intrusion Defender, and Virtual firewall provides an added layer of network protection.
  • Managed Networking – Proactive IT Support and management for all your networking including Local Area Networking, wireless and Wide Area Networking
  • Business Continuity - Make your business operations more resilient by implementing diverse Private IP network connectivity with automatic failover.

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Our tailor-made Network Management solutions:

  • Provide a local-based team to support you 24/7
  • Take the worry out of IT management so you can focus on business
  • Provide wide coverage across our national network
  • Offer a choice of management, reporting and monitoring tools to keep you running smoothly.