Fixed Wireless Ethernet

Business-grade, high-availability and high-speed wireless internet access with symmetrical upload and download speeds.

What is it?

Fixed Wireless Ethernet is a flexible data connection delivered by placing a small radio transmitter dish on the roof of your business premises. This transceiver connects directly to one of a network of base stations to deliver a high-speed wireless connection. Through this connection, you can achieve high-speed and highly availability business-grade internet or private network connectivity.

How can it be used?

Fixed Wireless Ethernet can be used to establish high-speed cost-effective data connections where optic fibre connectivity is not a feasible option. This data access method can also be used as an effective business continuity solution to automatically take over when a primary data connection such as optic fibre suffers an outage. Fixed Wireless Ethernet is highly scalable, offering bandwidths from 1Mb/s all the way to 1000Mb/s. Coverage is available in most Australian metropolitan areas and large regional centers but is subject to feasibility