Real-time IT infrastructure replication within minutes.

What is it?
It is real-time replication of your on-premise virtual servers to PKML Professional Services secure Private Cloud with the ability to power them on in case of a disaster at your site.

How does it work?
Unlike some replication technologies in the market that primarily offer data protection along with cumbersome snapshots and backup procedures, PKML Professional Services Cloud Disaster Recovery provides continuous replication with zero impact on application performance. Even better we can offer the opportunity to replicate your servers between our Australia-based data centers in different states so your guaranteed your business will stay online no matter what disaster hits your primary location.
Disaster recovery scenario
In the case of a Disaster being declared such as your head office or primary servers being destroyed and cannot be accessed, your IT environment is replicated and brought up in to the PKML Professional Services Cloud within minutes.

Key features and benefits to your business

Reduced business risk and increase regulatory compliance
PKML Professional Services Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions meet the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery requirements set out by regulatory bodies, APRA and ASIC.
Customizable RPOs and RTOs
Replication points updated in minutes, full IT system recovery in hours after a declared and verified disaster.
Multi-Hypervisor compatible
Our Cloud Disaster Recovery solution is compatible with both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.
Real-time monitoring
PKML Professional Services advanced systems are monitoring and reporting on your RTOs and RPOs in real time. Alerts are flagged to our team in the event of any impending breach of SLA. Cloud Disaster Recovery also provides you with customized reporting on the performance of the platform.
Easy to deploy
It is simple to deploy alongside existing backup systems and its network traffic is separated from production systems.
Reduced costs
Cloud Disaster Recovery removes the need for significant investment in physical failover infrastructure. It’s monthly, pay for use pricing model allows your business to fund a disaster recovery solution as an operational, rather than capital expense.
Experts ready to help
In addition to 24/7 support and proactive monitoring, our Cloud engineers and architects provide advice on the best way to design your DR system to maximize recovery speeds and lower your costs.