Mobilize your workforce

Change the way you work with Business Mobility

The traditional office-based 9 to 5 job is a fast-fading memory. We’re constantly on the go, spending more and more time working remotely, having meetings and working outside of ‘normal’ hours. Watch the video to learn more about how business mobility can benefit you.

6 ways to make mobility work for you

Whether it's mobilizing your intranet, providing greater access to corporate information for staff on the go, a good mobility strategy can:

  • Keep your employees, customers and business partners connected.
  • Make information available where and when you need it to enhance customer engagement.
  • Enable real-time collaboration and interaction.
  • Keep your data secure.
  • Our team can put the right tools into the hands of your people with the right capabilities to suit their needs. Our relationships with leading manufacturers mean that you’ll find the right mobile device with the right functionality, at the right price.
  • An operating system that works with your existing business applications such as Microsoft Office
  • All the ports you need to connect to accessories and peripherals such as USB ports, mini display ports, and card readers
  • Incredibly fast performance and battery life that can replace your laptop and desktops.

Achieve the flexibility and productivity benefits of mobility without worrying about security risks or taking on the management load. Our Mobile Device Management and Security solution help by:

  • Providing a unified corporate app store
  • Supporting a range of devices and operating systems
  • Configuring, securing, provisioning and supporting mobile devices
  • Geo-fencing - allows you to set rules on how the network can be used in specific geographical locations.

Custom business applications can automate manual tasks and help different departments work together. Such applications can also be integrated with existing systems. Whatever your requirement, our qualified team of expert developers will provide:

  • A Business Discovery to map your business processes and identify the benefits your business can gain by going mobile
  • Prototyping your app, so you can see how it works in the real world before production versions are built
  • Customized apps that are fully integrated with your back-end solutions.

Keeping your mobile workers connected through a range of collaboration tools will increase overall productivity and efficiency. Think about how your team can still attend meetings and be available even when they’re not in the office through:

  • Video conferencing capabilities regardless of a device including multiparty call escalation, presence, text chat, content sharing and ‘invite-a-guest’.
  • A Unified Communications platform that can connect people through presence, instant messaging, voice, video, and simple meeting management.
  • The ability to access, update and store information is important for any mobile worker. Whether it means mobilizing your intranet, creating innovative apps or putting more corporate information at the fingertips of your employees, utilize the following tools and make working away from the office much easier.
  • Use SharePoint as your platform for storing, searching and sharing valuable information from almost any device
  • Transform every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging, and accessible from anywhere with Microsoft Lync
  • Use Microsoft Skydrive Pro to organize and share personal work documents, work securely off-line and automatically synchronize your files back to SharePoint.

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Collaboration Tactics

It’s getting easier to work from anywhere now. Cloud services, VPNs, Skype; communicating with a team built from around the world is now achievable. Collaborating over great distances can cause.

Our tailor-made business mobility solutions:

  • Provide all the services you need to make your ideal mobility solution happen
  • Allow real-time access to information from any device anywhere
  • Integrate with existing operating systems
  • Can be expanded through business apps created by our software development team.