Virtual Boardroom

Collaborate like you are there with an affordable and easy to use cloud-based video conferencing solution.

The PKML Professional IT Services Virtual Boardroom is an easy and scalable video conferencing platform that supports a wide range of video endpoints, from conference room systems and desktops to mobile device applications connected to the Internet. With no additional infrastructure required, end users simply call a preset address just like a teleconference number and take a seat in their Virtual Boardroom. This solution is great for internal meetings between people across your offices but also to connect to customers and suppliers.

How does it work?

Accommodating up to 5 video participants per call, simply:

  • Include your assigned Virtual Boardroom internet address details assigned to you in your meeting invitation.
  • Send your invitation to up to 5 participants.
  • Participants can then call the PKML Professional IT Services Virtual Boardroom address with the details in their meeting invitation or via the preset directory on their end point, or software application.
  • The meeting begins and all participants are visible and audible on the screen – instantly.
  • Participants can present slideshows and other content simply by sharing their screen.

Benefits to your business

Virtual Boardroom allows you to meet and share

  • Designed for wherever, whenever collaboration. Click to call anyone you need to speak with or have a real-life video conference with your whole team just by clicking one button—instantly. Participants can join via any standards based Video end-point or software client even if they are outside your organization.

Unify people and conference rooms instantly

  • Unlike web conferencing and other cloud-based video conferencing services that require reserving a virtual “room,” PKML Professional Services Virtual Boardroom lets you meet whenever you want—even at a moment’s notice. If your Virtual Boardroom address is saved in your End Point or Software client directory, simply click and take a seat in the Virtual Boardroom.

Experience a simple intuitive interface

  • Include up to 5 participants/seats per meeting room with dynamic screen focus based on which participant is talking. Easily share screen content like presentations with one button, one click functionality. It’s really as easy as operating your phone and TV.