Internet Access Methods

Various access methods are available, each suited and deployed for different business needs. In order to ensure the best from your internet connection, we provide a wide range of internet access methods that suit all business needs. Whether you require high speeds, mobility, symmetric download/uploads or high availability, our internet products provide the best for your business.


Fast and reliable 3G internet access to meet your mobile working needs. You will have the ability to connect to the internet wherever there is 3G broadband mobile network coverage. 


Business ADSL is standard, entry-level internet access over traditional copper phone lines. A great value internet access option for home office applications. 


Business grade internet access over traditional copper phone lines. Benefit from symmetrical upload and download speeds. Speeds range from 1Mbps - 4Mbps symmetric. 


Symmetric high speed, business grade internet access delivered over dedicated traditional copper phone lines. Speeds range from 4Mbps - 80Mbps symmetric. 

Fibre Optic Internet

Ultra high speed, symmetric business grade fiber optic internet access delivered over fiber optic cables. Speeds range from 1Mbps – 10Gbps symmetric.

Fixed Wireless Ethernet

Business-grade, high-availability and high-speed wireless internet access with symmetrical upload and download speeds. 

National Broadband Network (NBN)

NBN Australia is the first national wholesale-only network built in Australia. The aim is to bring high-speed broadband and telephone services to all Australian businesses and residences.