Secure your data and networks

Peace of mind knowing your IT is protected.

Imagine if your customers couldn’t access your website for days because an attack shut down your servers. Or an employee opens an email with a virus that takes you and your team days to fix.

5 ways we protect and keep your business secure.

A vital first step is an understanding of specific risks. Our experienced team consults closely with you to identify existing threats and predict where new ones might arise.

  • We assess the vulnerability of your IT security systems and environment.
  • Run our Privacy Readiness, Penetration Testing and PCI Compliance to ascertain your level of need.
  • Consult with you about your future plans and how we can keep you secure.

Depending on your needs, we’ll recommend the strategy, security architecture and overall solution to give you the right protection at the right price. With the right strategy and tools in place you can:

  • Detect and classify internet traffic into suspect and legitimate, blocking potentially suspect traffic
  • Get real-time visibility over your network, giving you more control over utilization and performance
  • Protect against internal and external threats such as DDoS attacks.

New technology threats arise every minute. We ensure that you’re always protected through:

  • 24/7 monitoring, management, and reporting
  • Analyzing and staying up to date with emerging and existing threats
  • Taking a proactive approach and immediate action so that any disruption to the business is minimized.

What happens if your company’s smart devices are lost, stolen or employees leave? In addition to configuring your device security settings, we can locate, track and lock devices or selectively wipe information to keep your business secure. Plus we have all the back-end sorted out for compliance reporting and even forensic analysis through our Mobile Device Management solutions.

Companies that fail to address security issues risk impacting productivity, the brand, and business relationships. But knowing exactly how vulnerable your systems are can be just the trick to ensure that your business is safe and compliant. Complete regular audits such as:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Privacy Readiness assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • PCI Compliance audits.
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Not sure where to start? Talk to our Data Security team today.

Our tailor-made data security solutions:

  • Give you peace of mind, knowing your networks and business are safe from ever-increasing threats.
  • Put in place the security policies, processes, and tools you need now and in the future.
  • Take away the burden of looking after your security in-house by partnering with an end-to-end IT solutions partner.