Private IP Internet injects secured business internet access to all sites across your Private IP network, reducing dependence on any single site.

How does it work?

Internet access is injected into the cloud of your Private IP network via a fully managed carrier-grade firewall, delivering a business grade and secure internet browsing experience. This method reduces the dependency on any single site for internet access, eliminating potential bottlenecks and decreasing the chance of a widespread outage.

How can it be used?

A typical business internet client would have a Private IP network including a head office, hosted IT servers and several business locations. The Private IP network is injected with access to the internet backbone, enabling internet access to end users at all business locations and relevant hosted applications. End users gain a more consistent and reliable internet browsing experience that is not reliant on connectivity at any single business location. Security and firewall rules are centrally applied, enabling more consistent control and application of company policies.

Network Security

Our range of network security products is aimed at increasing network visibility, providing your network with the perimeter.