Data Centres

Our Australian-based Data Centres provide you with the highest levels of resiliency, the latest equipment, round-the-clock support, and scalability.

Our facilities:
Our data center facilities are engineered to support the highest levels of security and availability for your mission-critical applications hosting, IT infrastructure and intellectual assets.

Our data centers offer:

  • 24x7x365 access available.
  • Over 100 racks are available for general co-location.
  • Complete video security surveillance monitored 24 hours.
  • Customer parking and loading dock for easy transportation.
  • Building and staging areas for our clients’ convenience.
  • A range of options for connectivity through many Australian Carriers & ISPs.
  • Individual security racks with keycode locks available for added security.
  • Non-stop running design to handle live maintenance to the center without interruption.
  • APC racks which are optimized for cable management, power distribution, and airflow management.

Benefits to your business:

Cost savings
Access to quality data center facilities without large upfront investment.
Our centers are located near to major business centers across Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, offering near-proximity hosting that provides businesses with easy physical access to its systems 24/7.
Our state of the art facilities provides one of the highest levels of reliability in the industry, with guaranteed service availability of 99.95%. 24/7 Monitoring and technical services Our facilities provide 24/7 monitoring and technical support. Additionally, all clients are provided with “remote” hands access to their equipment. Technical services such as data storage, backups, and network security options are also available.
Environmental controls
Environmental control, such as constant temperature and humidity maintenance, and particulates filtration gives your business the correct climate processes for operational efficiency and a comfortable working environment.
All sites feature redundant power sources and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) backup to ensure facilities are always running efficiently.
High-level security
Our data center facilities feature security systems that include room alarms, video surveillance and key code locks on all individual racks.
Server Colocation
We provide colocation server hosting space, power, facility access, remote hands assistance, IP addresses, and connectivity bandwidth, all in industry-leading data center environments. More.