Mobile Video Conferencing

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a virtual meeting place so you can collaborate with others from wherever you are.

How it works

Now you can join video conferences via applications on your mobile device over everyday wireless networks as easily as making a phone call or sending email with Mobile Video Conferencing. Employees who are constantly on the go and spend a significant time away from the corporate office have a desire and need to feel connected. There are instances where management and employees are who working remotely need to get time-sensitive news and data to their team as if they were physically there.

With a Mobile Video Conferencing solution, your team can transform their smartphones, tablets, and laptops into a virtual meeting place.

Key features include:

  • Multi-party call support – which means you can talk to more than two sites in one call
  • Presence – shows when people in your directory are online and available
  • Contact sharing – share documents, spreadsheets, pictures, and videos
  • Invite a guest feature – make video calls with colleagues, friends, and family.

Request a demo

Experience the convenience of Mobile Video Conferencing by taking a 14 day free trial of LifeSize VC ClearSea. Our trial gives your business up to 4 licenses to trial the product. Simply fill in the request form and we'll get you set up in no time!