Use the Cloud

Businesses who use the cloud were 106% more likely to see a rise in revenue.

What is the link between cloud and business success?

  • 52% can now access data from any location
  • 30% found that the cloud allowed better data security
  • 27% reduced costs in IT software and services

4 ways cloud computing can benefit your business

Use cloud computing how you want through a range of cloud solutions that can be tailored exactly to your business requirements.

Hybrid Cloud:

  • Keep your existing infrastructure and access the Cloud for extra flexibility. You’ll have complete control, access and visibility to manage your resources and servers instantly

Private Cloud:

  • Replace expensive and high maintenance on-premise infrastructure by using cloud technology


  • A cost-effective way to access the software you need. It’s hosted in the Cloud and monitored 24/7, automatically updating you to the latest versions

Backup and Disaster Recovery:

  • Protect your business in case of a disaster. Our backup solutions ensure your data is instantly available no matter what.
  • Our choice of Cloud solutions can save you money in unnecessary capital investment and reduce the need to get more in-house infrastructure and technology.
  • Flexible payment plans show exactly what your costs are. Pay only for what you use
  • Hiring an in-house team of cloud specialists can be expensive. Leverage our team of certified cloud specialists in Microsoft, HP and VMware technologies
  • Our reliable networks and progressive products mean you won’t be investing in outdated technology. With a cloud, you will always have the most up to date technologies and software updates.
  • We give you all the latest tools so you can have complete visibility and control of your resources via our easy to use cloud management portal.

This allows you to:

  • Simplify deployment through automation and intelligent scripting
  • Provision your infrastructure services in a common way whether on-premise or in the hosted cloud
  • Deliver services in the most efficient way through a comprehensive library of standard applications delivery templates.
  • We know your business is different from everyone else’s. That’s why we give you a choice of add-ons that make your Cloud unique. Talk to us about the perfect add on solutions for your needs.

Data Networking:

As your business grows, so can your Cloud solution. We offer Wide Area Networking to give you greater performance capability, affordable access to an enterprise-grade solution and a choice of ways to connect any office or site.

Boost your security:

Our highly specialized range of managed IT security products such as DDoS Defender, Intrusion Defender and Virtual firewall protect your business network and applications from internal and outside attacks.

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