The flexibility to put your workloads and data where it makes sense by leveraging the right blend of your infrastructure and hosted cloud.

How does it work?

Hybrid Clouds are an integrated cloud service using a combination of private and hosted clouds which are connected over a managed network or an internet service. Utilizing your existing investment in technology, Hybrid Cloud extends this with agile, scalable and cost-effective hosted cloud services. The Hybrid model leverages the right blend of your infrastructure and hosted cloud whilst addressing data security, governance, compliance, and budgetary challenges.

Hybrid Cloud offers:

  • A centralized cloud management portal for both on-premise infrastructure and hosted cloud.
  • Utilize the PKML Professional Services Provider Portal to provide a consistent user experience to administration staff.

This allows you to provision your infrastructure services in a common way whether on-premise or in the hosted cloud.

Cloud portal Simplified delivery of applications

Applications can be delivered on-premise or in the cloud with the click of a button. PKML Professional Services Hybrid Cloud services provide you with all the automation and intelligent scripting to achieve simple deployment.


Simplified delivery of applications
Standard deployment templates for common services

Through our comprehensive libraries of standard application delivery templates, you can be assured that your services are delivered in the most efficient way. Easily select from a catalog of services and deploy them on-premise or in our hosted cloud.


PKML Professional IT Services orchestration scripts for Mobility, Scalability and Disaster Recovery
Take advantage of our fully automated systems for moving your workloads from on-premise to our cloud, or scale your applications up and down with automation scripts provided as standard. Disaster Recovery is easy with all your services directly hooked up to the cloud.


Benefits to your business:

Reduced capital expenditure - Use your existing investment as a launching pad for the adoption of cloud services. Bring applications and services online in the hosted cloud, connected seamlessly back to your existing on-premise infrastructure, minimizing the requirement for additional hardware. Scale easily with the needs of your growing business - Use the agility of the cloud to provide demand-oriented application services so your users never complain about performance again.

Resource efficiency

Maintain the efficient use of your environment’s resources, whether they are application or hardware based and even human resources. Enterprise control, security, visibility, and centralized administration - Administrators have the ability to enforce user permissions and monitor activity across both the on-premise infrastructure and in the hosted cloud. Our multi-layer data security and encryption also ensures that your business data is completely secure.