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Web Security
The next generation of web filtering – with custom filters, content analysis and real-time feedback.
VPN Services
A range of VPN service options ensure that your mobile workforce are able to work productively, easily and securely.
Private IP Internet
Private IP Internet injects secured business internet access to all sites across your Private IP network, reducing dependence on any single site.
Search Engine Optimization
Every business needs to invest in search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to maximize organic traffic from search engines. The leading search engines are Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo.
Project Services
We take full control of the entire deployment process while keeping communication simple and the project within budget.
Private Cloud
Deploy computing resources on demand and respond faster to change with Infrastructure as a Service.
Call Centre Systems
Enhance the efficiency of your Contact Centre and give your agents the tools to bring your customers closer.
Buy IT Hardware
Our aim is to make IT hardware procurement quick and easy for your organisation, by providing you with leading industry experience and expertise.
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  • Web Security
  • VPN Services
  • Private IP Internet
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Project Services
  • Private Cloud
  • Call Centre Systems
  • Buy IT Hardware

Remote Access

Achieve secure remote access into your Private IP network from any internet connection, whether at home, at a customer site or on the road.

How does it work?

Remote users in your workforce connect their computer to their Private IP network through a secure tunnel over the public internet creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This VPN connection effectively grants the end user secure remote access to all private network resources such as email, shared drives, intranet, and other internal applications.

How can it be used?

A typical remote access client may have a Private IP network set up over a head office, several business locations and a mobile workforce. When their end users are visiting clients or working from home they connect back into their workplace network using any internet connection and our Remote Access product. This, in turn, enables greater workforce productivity, efficiency, and flexibility by extending the traditional office network. Their customers can be served at their sites more often, staff can work more flexible and can respond to operational needs more time efficiently.

Offshore Remote Access

For small offshore offices and sites, our Secure Site product connects overseas locations to a Private IP network over the internet using IPSEC. This cost-effective connection method is available to any overseas location with a local internet connection.

VPN Services

Our VPN Australia is powered by two different access options to allow maximum flexibility. Secure PC is software that allows the end user access to their workplace network. 


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